A Fortunate Loss


It was my escape. Although it was small, within it was another universe. It took me to many places filled with different types of sizes, shapes, colors, and emotions, all with their own purpose. Its back had a pinkish hue, like a Sakura tree behind a fading sunset. The texture was slightly rough from the times where it hit the earth, leaving nothing but scratches on its pale pink back. Its front was smooth and mysterious. It was the portal where all the magic happened. Although it was filled with wonder, it came at a price. It deprived me of my spiritual needs and consumed my soul. Yes, it took me to many different places but the further it did, the more I felt distant from the real world. 

Then, the unspeakable happened. Water, a matter that can give you life and cause destruction. Water consumed this wonder I held so dear to my heart. I tried over and over again to find some way to revive it but nothing worked. My spirit was shattered. How was I supposed to live my life now? Who else would I share my parts of my soul with? All the places it would take me, where would I go now, where would I escape to? 

In order to keep myself sane, I began to look at things from a different angle. That’s when I saw a door waiting for me outside of my comfort zone. As I opened it, my spirit turned into an ember, sparking more and more as I headed deeper into the room. Soon, the world around me filled with light. That “door”, was a journal my brother had given me. With a pencil in my hand, I opened its tree bark patterned cover, and began to write; “This journal is all I have after losing my phone.” A Fortunate Loss

Thank you for reading!