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A Five Minute all purpose guide to any part of Maine

I decided to do a map of Maine as I have only ever spent about 5 days in Maine.  It seemed easier to begin with what I did know - almost nothing - than to try to choose a favorite city and then eliminate about 5 thousand interesting possibilities.  I knew if I had to start making choices I might never begin.

So in a nutshell, that explains why I am the expert to create this map. I begin from almost total ignorance.  My target audience is for the friends I was in Maine with.  The final project may be glued down and even printed but for now it is changing and evolving.  I would like to attempt a digital series of "5 Minute, all purpose guides" which can be used in any part of a chosen place.  But for now, the analog version.

I began with the "5 minute" warm up.  I draw the map while looking at Google maps on my computer.

I then took out some paper left over from a collage class I taught this Summer, thinking that I would do the quick "cut out, imaginary map" exercise.  But since it was early on a  blissfully quiet Saturday morning and my scissors were sharp and ready to go, I ended up with this.

Comments and Suggestions most welcome.  Thank you.


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