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Karen Emelia

Learning something new everyday...



A Fish out of Water

I started out searching for phrases that use animals and found several that I liked.

A fish out of water

A little bird told me

As happy as a clam

Curiosity killed the cat

dropping like flies

Like a moth to a flame

Pop goes the weasel

Wild Goose chase

I really liked "as happy as a clam." I drew lots of cute little clams and thought of sand, sea, smile, high water, but I kept searching and "a fish out of water" had more appeal to me.

I thought about water, fish, using scallops for fish scales and went from there.





I wanted to add some scales to the word fish, so I used the scales as a mask to the word and like it better. I also lowered the water in the bowl and added a few drops of water. Still working on the fish, I don't like how the image trace came out on the face.


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