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A Fish Without a Bicycle

Okay. I've spent the last 6 years writing a teen novel called "A Fish Without a Bicycle" that loosely follows the plot of Moby Dick. 

This Sunday I will be performing the first 7 pages of it for Works in the Works at Eighth Street Studios in Berkeley. 

Here's the blah blah from my website at

What if Ishmael were a fifteen year old girl? And instead of sailing the seven seas to find the white whale, she seeks to choreograph The Great American Dance  from the Great American Novel, Moby Dick and risks, not her life, but the love of her Ahab-y, eco-warrior boyfriend.

Eventually this piece is supposed be the opening “chapter” of a full evening of text and dance of the entire novel.

BUT maybe it'd be hella fun (and simpler!) to make a webcast series of it ala Lizzie Bennet's Diaries. Or do both!?!?!

So I'm going to give the webcast idea a try here. Whoops. I have a final rehearsal in a half hour. Better get out of my PJs and basement.


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