A First head in Photoshop

A First head in Photoshop - student project

Day 1: So here's my first ever head created entirely in Photoshop using my wacom tablet. Took me the entire day but I'm proud of it so far. Will continue working on it and following the class tomorrow.

Difficulties encountered: The eyes! They always look crooked or wrong in some sort of way but I'm happy with how they are for now.

A First head in Photoshop - image 1 - student project


Day 2: Didn't expect this to be easy but damn I'm having difficulties with the value part. Harder than the eyes.

A First head in Photoshop - image 2 - student project


Day 3-4-5: Pretty hard but I think I managed to do something okay. That whole class is a challenge in itself and I really like it although I haven't been challenged like that in years, I found myself hurting some walls here and there but with friends and boyfriends support I got over all of that. Here's how my value part looks in the end.

       A First head in Photoshop - image 3 - student project

Catherine Blondin
Concept Artist In Progress