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A Few Different Ways

I've only recently been introduced to the whole world of calligraphy, and I'm soaking up any information on it I can get. I loved the tips given in this course, and it's going to make me give my layouts a lot more thought!

I've dabbled with using watercolors as ink before, but here's what I did for the course-- I toyed with switching between colors slightly to add a gradient effect. My watercolor set is extremely simple and pretty low-quality, and it took me some tries to get the consistency right, but I quite like the result!


Here's the piece I did for layout practice-- it's a lyric from The National's song "Apartment Story", which I particularly love. It also gave me a change to practice my digitizing!


And finally, my envelope! I bought a big pack of multicolored envelopes for addressing practice, and I'm eager to try light ink on a dark envelope next.



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