A Fearless Start

A Fearless Start - student project

Day 1


A Fearless Start - image 1 - student projectThe First Day and a lot of undiscovered world...I hope ;) From the first ideas, I knew I wasn't able to create, to a start. Then a 'why not' after another and so this is the first days result.


Day 2

Cloudwatching in your sketchbook

Step 1: Doodling!

A Fearless Start - image 2 - student project


Step 2: What's in it?


A Fearless Start - image 3 - student project

The second day is finished...puh...this was REALLY a challenge for me. There was an evil voice that wanted me to think at first what to draw and then lay a possible contour for the picture in my mind on paper for going sure to make this. So I chose a medium that gives me a beautiful feeling, when I walk over the paper smoothly: Charcoal. But it took willpower to let it go.

Nevertheless there was an unexpected picture at the end. Yes, it's worth to give it a try and yes: Fun! ;D


Day 3

Feeeeelin' Slooooooow

A Fearless Start - image 4 - student project


Todays challenge was to draw very slowly. After watching the impressive  demo-video I understood the meaning for me: Feeling the material on the surface, how does it behave, how reacts the color, understanding the act of drawing as an act of creating with all my senses, maybe let my emotions flow directly on the paper- full of awareness.  So I decided to use graphite and later on contés and graphite again. I didn't plan anything, looked forward only to let the pencil flow. While I was drawing I recognized that form, pressure, flow, gradients become a lot more important.

And when I "awake", cause the music in my headphone stopped, was an hour away! ;D

Maybe I found something for me in this little exercise. I relaxed while I was drawing, dreamt in awareness, flow away on the dust of the chalk and at least I'm a little bit surprised 'bout the result, for just doodling it has his interesting moments for me and maybe some points I can learn about colors, gradients, composition and flow. For me really a worthy experience.


Day 4

Shake it up!

A Fearless Start - image 5 - student project

Todays challenge to speed a little up, let it vibrate and give tension and power into the drawing was quite an exercise after a long and exhausting day. But I wanted to do it. So this time I decided to use acrylics, a big brush and a palette knife, watered, mixed and rubbed the paper, half an hour later I finished the painting. The painted subject isn't my usual style, but it is, what it is, something creepy romantic...lol, I don't mind...;)


 Day 5


A Fearless Start - image 6 - student project


I am posting a day later. Yesterday I thought way too long about what to and how to draw, so I drew the concept, but didn't finished it. This was so typical: I gave myself a lot of pressure and am not happy how it goes and loose the fun all the way. That I not finished and posted yesterday frustrated me. Today it was more a duty to end it and also pressure to get the new prompt done.

On the other hand I was a little bit proud, that I made it at least and can post the fifth exercise. I showed the metamorphosis more contently than in form, but I guess that's fine, too.


Day 6


Metamorphosis #2

A Fearless Start - image 7 - student project

Argh...Same problems like yesterday...ehm...yesteryesterday? XD

It's simply a prompt that is a great challenge cause there are so many beautiful but tough possibilities to fulfill it, but it isn't easy...it's about a change of figure, state etc.

However, I did it and am really glad about it, I am happy with my result.

It's called "Metamorphosis of truth".



Day 7


Crowd of Creatures O.o

A Fearless Start - image 8 - student project

I just doodled and had fun with it! :D

And I'm up to date again!!! ;)


 Day 8


Color, and more color!


A Fearless Start - image 9 - student project

Todays exercise was to give the feeling of the day color. My day wasn't really so funky like my painting/drawing went along. But during the process I started to have fun with letting go and now my feeling for the day changed into something way better, little bit looser, I really relaxed a little.

I can say the right prompt, acrylics, charcoal and pastels can turn a blue/greyish day into something that pops out. ;)