A Dying Breed | Skillshare Projects

Ashley Riddle




A Dying Breed

Click Click. The sound we block out everyday. Click click click. The only sound in the room at times. With every touch it's as if you are in complete control. You are the owner of the keys. They do what you command. Spending $1000+ on a computer would be pointless if we didn't have this Silver and grey masterpiece of literary technology. f1 f2 f3 f4. What do these combinations of numbers and letters even mean? A secret code only the highly educated of us come to understand. J's look like I's from overuse. It doesn't matter if the letters are so warn down that we can't read them anymore. Our fingers seem to touch them almost without even thinking about it. It's as our fingers were born to do this. To write. To press. To make sentences out of the unknown. asdfghjkl;' one line. Un-alphabetized. Recognizable to everyone in America. Possibly everyone around the world. 
Although this object is nothing without an energy source, it has a purpose not fulfilled by any other. But wait. It's a dying breed taken over by the world of touch sensors. It's life has run it's course for most. It's purpose, fulfilled by a newer model. Soon we will explain to the generations behind what this object of smooth buttons once did. It's purpose, never dying, but the keyboard's life has run its course. 


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