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Diana K




A Discovery of Witches - Drop Cap Letterform

I instatly felt a conection with this Book, it has resonated with me a lot. The characters, all of them felt real to me, they share a lot of the same likes I do. For example: wine, books, etc.  I thought I'd honor it by making it my project for this Letterform class! 

Update 3/8/14 - 

I have been slacking off on this proyect, but I am now determined to see it through! I know I can do this! I've been re-reading, and brainstorming the last few days. Hopefully I will scan my stuff and share with you guys! I would love your input on my ideas  

Update 3/12/14 - 

I was finally able to scan my sketches and brainstorming! If you see an idea you like or one that I should pursue more please let me know! 

I really like the H with the rose in the middle, I think I will pursue that idea for now, but if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them! 

This is my first idea, the H with the rose, in Illustrator. What do you guys think? I still want to play with the colors, and use the silver and gold that's so prominent in the book. 

I played around with adding the Alchemical Circle in the background. I am having a tough time with the colors, what do you guys think?

I knew it was too dark, and I wanted to change that. I think I went to the other extreme this time. What do you guys think? Also I fixed a couple of things that were bothering me.

I would really love some feedback!

After criticizing my work for a while I realized, even though I really like the clean look of the white cover, the purpleish-blue hue is much more fitting to the whole 'magical' theme. What do you guys think?


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