A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember - student project


Personal Writing Essay

Meghan Daum

Exercise 1

May 2, 2020                                                


                                                A day to Remember


          My wedding ceremony was celebrated twice. First, I had a civil wedding

here in the U.S. 2013. Second, I had a church wedding 2016 held in the

Philippines. Next, I felt relieved that my dream come true. My parent’s in-law

were in vacation from Hawaii to attend our wedding day here in Seattle. They

were excited and happiest people on earth I’ve ever met. 


         In the year of 2013, before the day on a civil wedding ceremony, my

mother in-law surprised me  with the set of jewelry box for the wedding. I was

so grateful. They are genuine and precious of how they’re showing their love,

care, and happiness. Next, in the following day it was my big day. During the

ceremony for exchanging vows, I cried. It was a different feeling of how a

woman being wed to her husband. It was an emotional day with tears and

joyful. I have no families here in the U.S. However, my family were always in

thoughts and in my heart. My husband’s families and friends were there. It

was a small gathering which was very intimate wedding. Then, we went

inside the restaurant and celebrate. That was my happiest day ever in my



          In the second, in 2016 It was our church wedding held in the Philippines.

My husband and I flew back ahead of my parent’s in-law and my sister in-

law’s family for our renewal vows. My wedding was held in my hometown city

of Dumaguete City. We wanted it to happened to show the love and care of

my family and to meet my family to my husband’s family for the first time.

Then, on the day before the big wedding, my husband’s families and relatives

were there. Also, to meet my husband's family, my families, relatives and 

friends were together for having a dinner. Everyone were enjoyed the

moment. We had a great music band for free, had a great food, and we had

a great company.


          Next, it was my biggest day in the church wedding. I felt so special,

solemn, and emotional day for me. When I walked down the isle, my husband

almost cried. I cried at the moment when we walked together down to the

reception hall. I dance with my father, and my husband dance with his

mother. It was so special because the moment I thought myself and my

family I felf emotional that everyone was there waiting for us to come out to

the reception hall. I was overjoyed.


          Finally, that the moment I saw my family and my husband’s family, it

makes my heart so happy and everyone we’re all happy. Overall, I cherished

the moment we had on a wedding day. It was fun! Surprisingly at the end,

my wedding day was being featured in the newspaper in Cebu City,

Philippines. The people who featured us on the newspaper are my boss when

I was working with them for many years and they are politically connected.

The biggest church in my home city is beautiful and solemn. These were the

moments happiest day in my life and those were the days I always cherished

and remember for the rest of my life.

         In conclusion, I conclude that my wedding ceremony celebrated twice.

The civil wedding here in the U.S. and the church wedding to show the love

and of my family and to meet my family for the first time. Now, I feel so

blessed, grateful, and full in debt of gratitude to all my friends and families. I

am always don't forget my past, think about the present and the future.





May 20, 2020                                                               

 Exercise 11    - Adding the Big Picture  


Finish the sentence “The thing that people don’t often realized about me is  

homesick." Homesick about food, interaction and meeting up with my local

friends, families, relatives, the environment, and the people . Also, I missed

outdoor activities, swimming, and tropical climate weather. I missed

everything where I used to live before when I was on my home country. That

was made me homesick that they don't often realized about me!  



Exercise 111     - Find an Intellectual Hook

Finish the sentence  " While we might assume carefully about what I just 

said, I have to wonder if what’s really going on after this big day."