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Amira Hailemariam

Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer



A Day of the Unemployed

Hello all! This is my very first Skillshare project. If I finish this project, I'll be very proud of myself and I hope you'll be proud of me too. 

Unit 1 //

I'm currently unemployed (great day to be a recent grad, eh?) so my day-to-day is pretty boring. Hopefully this exercise will motivate me to make it less so. Anyways, my day in referents:

01. Younger sister wakes me up
02. I drive her to school
03. Pick up her friends en route
04. Drive back home
05. Dig through job postings
06. Rewrite résumé for applications
07. Start writing cover letter
08. Become discouraged with current situation
09. Eat
10. Surf the Net / Watch bad TV
11. Get anxious about being unemployed
12. Think about drawing or painting (but don't)
13. Think about working out (but don't)
14. Tidy the house
15. Shower
16. Parents come home from work
17. Watch TV with the folks
18. Eat dinner
19. Pick up sister from practice
20. Go to sleep

I'm really interested in how I'll depict these since many of them are emotions / thoughts. Hopefully they'll be recognizable...

Unit 2 //

I've sketched out my referents! It's a mix of narrative and iconic styles - I'm just hoping that they all read. I like the idea of including as much detail as is aesthetically pleasing... but I'm not sure it'll be possible since symbols are fundamentally simplified objects n' all.


Unit 3 //

I wanted to pin down my style as soon as possible, so I chose my favorite referent, #4 ("Drive home"), as my guinea pig. First I tried a 1pt line with sharp edges. I'm not too crazy about it... some of the imagery gets confusing and doesn't read well. I then tried the fill style. I was really happy with how this turned out since I was a bit iffy on the approach. I really like the sharp edges. In the last attempt, I used the 2 pt, rounded edges suggested by the instructor, Edward. I really like how clean the symbol is and, somehow, it looks a lot more professional. 

Unit 4 // 


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