A Day in the Life

Hey there! I really enjoyed this class. As someone who is not photography-minded, this really helped me develop a better understanding of how I want to take clean, fun photos. I feel more confident in my ability to capture and edit the photos of my daily life. A Day in the Life - image 1 - student projectThis is my B&W action shot. I love how everything contrasts in this picture; the backsplash, the floors, the cabinets. A Day in the Life - image 2 - student projectThis was just a random shot outside. I ended up being able to edit this to bring out the green.

A Day in the Life - image 3 - student project

This shot was me trying to play with shadows and silhouettes.


I am pretty excited with how nice these photos turned out! Thank you for creating this class and content!

Olivia Terrell
Aspiring life long learner.