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A Day in the Life

V1—the inital list.

  1. Be snoozing peacefully (dreaming?)
  2. Battle my alarms at six thirty. Spend the next 10 minutes wishing it wasn't six thirty.
  3. Roll out of bed and eat a cliff bar for breakfast
  4. Convince myself to go for a run outside (most likely a jog)
  5. Pray for a good day, read a bit.
  6. Take a well deserved shower, trying to time it perfectly between roommates
  7. Ride my road bike to work down along the Charles River.
  8. Get to work, turn on my computer, open my blog reader (and read all the blogs I follow)
  9. Have a quick sketch to turn on the creative juices
  10. Go to a meeting with the Boss to determine priorities for the day
  11. Eat brunch/lunch (I eat around 11, mainly because I can't wait to eat whatever I packed...)
  12. Open illustrator / Indesign and do some work
  13. Drink some afternoon tea to get reinspired
  14. Break designer's block
  15. Bike home—take the long way, watch the sunset
  16. Cook dinner—most likely brunch
  17. Listen to the Reds on the radio
  18. Watch some tv—documentarys (anything by Ken burns)
  19. Do some freelance design work / sketching
  20. Read a book (currently on a Malcom Gladwell tear)
  21. Go to sleep—snooze pt 2.


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