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A Day in the Life of Robert Bernal

My first skillshare project. Excuse the poor photography. Maybe I should consider investing in a sketchbook...  

A day in the life. Well, most days. 

Both of these work, but I really love the iconic simplicity of the barbell. 

I was thinking that the sleeping z's might be iconic enough on their own, but I'll have experiment with them a bit longer. You might need to see them coming out of someone's head for it to really work. 

Here's a first crack at putting them all together. Some of them still aren't working conceptually, which is partially because I picked shitty referents. I think the z's might actually work on their own, but I want to see them layed out with everything else.


I wanted to share this icon because it forced me out of my comfort zone. I'm used to making things with primitive shapes like squares and circles. In order to get the curvature of these lines to match the perspective of the basketball, I had to get my hands dirty and play with the handles on these points - something I haven't really done before. 

My first crack at creating the icons in Illustrator. I made a few big mistakes that I will address during the touch-up phase. One of the most important lessons I learned was to be more decisive during the initial sketching. For instance, it didn't make sense for there to be multiple icons that both symbolized writing (the typewriter and the ink pen/page).  

I made quite a few changes to the icons after the touch up phase. After I saw them all side by side in the same environment I realized that there was a lot of inconsistency in weights. I tried to match those weights up a little better in the revision.

I put a lot of work into improving the design of the car. The tires felt like they weren't in the exact location where they belonged, so I moved them and used a stroke instead of a fill to keep the design consistent. (I break this rule a bit - with the alarm clock for instance.

Among other changes, I decided to polish the presentation a little more by putting the icons in a light gray with a dark gray background. Fin.



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