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A Day in the Life of My Phone

My project will focus around what I use my phone for on a single day.

Every morning I wake up to the alarm on my phone, listen to podcasts on the walk to the train, play candy crush on the train, text my friends during coffee breaks at work, take notes on things I want to remember, call my mom when I get off work, check facebook, surf the web, and set my alarm for the next morning.

My phone punctuates my day so much that I've stopped noticing what I actually use it for.

This project will allow me to chart out how much phone-usage is focused around social networks/human connections, productivity and professional development, and general fun.

I'll start by collecting the data for a single day and then catagorizing each app usage into broader catagories. I want to factor time into how much I use each app---but I don't know how it would work for calculating something like texting and might end up rounding each sent/recieved text at 10 seconds.

Here's the raw data from 1 day that will become an infographic:


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