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A Day in San Francisco

I am fortunate to work in San Francisco. These shots were taken on various walks around the city and a few beyond. They were all taken with an iPhone 5s and edited with Instgram filters, VSCO, or Touch.

Bird's Eye View

On a drive in the Berkeley Hills, I snapped this view of the bay where a the clouds opened up for a brief moment, allowing the sun to shine perfectly on a small hamlet. The Bay Bridge and San francisco are to the left; the Golden Gate Bridge is to the right.


Off The Beaten Path

I turned this shot under the freeway to BW to show it at its best advantage. I love the play of shadows and all the different shapes and directions of line: the zig zag of the stairs, the vertical lines of the shadows beneath the stairs, the repetition of all the black window panes below the white window panes, with a few grey window panes off to the left for good measure.


My second favorite shot is this one. While walking along Pier 18, I spotted this rusty ladder in an alleyway. I call this shot "Stairway to Heaven?"


Middle of the Road

This glass block hallway seems to go on forever. Making it sepia toned eliminated distractions and deepened the mystery of where the "hallway" ended.


My second favorite was this of a crosswalk, shot from a low angle up. The people walking across are reminiscent of the Beatles' "Abbey Road" album. I titled this "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."


Signs of Life

I spotted this Dandy walking through the Financial District with matching open umbrella in the shade. A few days later, I spotted more gentlemen in the same outfit and stopped to ask if they were a performing troupe. It turns out they are a startup which will offer valet parking around the city on demand.


I couldn't resist this shot of one of the city's brightly colored antique trolley cars stopped right between two Pride flags the week before Pride Weekend, the most important Gay Pride Celebration in the country.


And finally, the Iconic Postcard. San Francisco's beautiful City Hall, surrounded by soft mist at sunset. I did extensive retouching to get rid of overhead wires for a cleaner end photo using Touch Retouch.


I also really liked this one of the James R. Browning United States Courthouse, built in 1905, reflected in the windows of the modern San Francisco Federal building, built in 2007.


Thank you for looking and reading! I hope you have enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them! You can see these and more on my Instagram @paulaink166.


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