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A Day in Mariel's Life

Here's my narrowed list:

1. Sleep thru boyfriend's alarm

2. Wake and check Pinterest (Don't judge!)

3. Ablutions

4. Breakfast (expresso, meat)

5. Sign in to dayjob (remote)

6. Set work priorities (Wunderlist, Calendar, Email)

7. Design on laptop

8. Lunch (Sandwich, salad)

9. Design on laptop

10. Send updates to dayjob boss

11. Sign out of dayjob

12. Nap with kittens

13. Freelance design on laptop

14. Send client updates

15. Check social media

16. Online courses

17. Play with kittens

18. Futz around on iPad

19. Dinner (pasta/salad)

20. Go to bed

Doing/uploading sketches tomorrow!


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