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A Day in Jess' Life

Hi all,

I'm Jess and I started doing this project to get to know illustrator a little more!

1. Routine


After my list I quickly sketched a few ideas of how I thought i'd like each part of my day to be represented. I came up with a few ideas for some as I wasn't initially sure how much detail I wanted to include in each icon.

2. Sketches


After sketching, I scanned in my work to trace, but decided to only go with a few of my initial ideas. I drew some free hand in illustrator after I got confident enough with the traced versions. I found sketching with no image quite scary, but it was really great to get you thinking ahead to how the next shape or line would fall. 

Here is my final outcome, i'd love to know what you think. Any constructive feedback is very much welcome! 

3. Outcome 


 3. Favourites

The icon I drew of my Fiance and I is definitely my favourite, but maybe because it's a bit more personable - I think it's real cute!

My mug looks just like my favourite mug at work and my colleagues laughed when they saw it as I try and find this exact mug in the cupboard every morning.

The tube was probably the hardest and most time consuming to draw. It was my first drawing, which might be why, but I used a lot more tools making this than the other icons.


There are few on here I could definitely improve on, but I feel as though I wouldn't learn much more, other than being a perfectionist! From this series, I have found a real love for the arc tool! It's a game changer.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!



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