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A Day in Icons

Ok, let's start!

Here's my list of twenty typical daily activities:

  1. wake up
  2. check FB
  3. shower
  4. dry hair
  5. put make up on
  6. make coffee
  7. eat breakfast
  8. read news & email
  9. pack the bag
  10. walk to school
  11. classes
  12. grocery shopping
  13. dinner
  14. watch TV
  15. do laundry
  16. do homework
  17. chat with friends
  18. read a book
  19. cuddle
  20. sleep

Update. Started working on the very first sketches. I picked doing laundry for the iconic technique and cuddling for the narrative one. Here're the first results.

Next step – sketch all the 20 of them.


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