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A Day in Brooklyn

New York City is a big place.  It seems to me that every time I visit, I discover something new.  It's the type of city where the culture and environment can change completely in the span of only a few blocks.  While most of my adventures in New York have been in Manhattan, I have taken it upon myself to do more exploring of the other boroughs whenever I visit.   

Recently, I took a day trip to New York to enjoy a food festival and good drinks with my friends.  We ended up in Brooklyn.  I brought my camera along hoping to get some good food shots, but I kept the shutter clicking pretty much all day.  At the end of it all, I found the candid, off-moment shots were the most human and relatable.  

This image is from a rooftop in Brooklyn where we went for some fresh air:

I'm a huge fan of black and white photography and the contrast that exists with these images.  Theres something about that paired with people's emotions in-passing that makes them powerful images.  Below are two more of my favorites from that day.

Thanks for your time :)


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