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"A Day at the Magic Kingdom"


Just a few notes right now.  I've definitely chosen the Disney park idea, if for no other reason than it's a topic that interests me.  I'm hoping that will help keep me focused and working on the project.

Initially, I had thought of the game as sort of an Apples to Apples style game, with a little bit more strategy in order to keep everybody happy.  Ultimately, I just didn't want to make another game like that.  

Right now, I've got in mind a game for 3-5 players.  The game would be a cooperative-ish game.  The game is won or lost as a group, but each player makes his/her own decisions along the way.

Each player would be dealt a hidden identity card, listing things they like and things they don't (modifiers for the attraction attributes).  Each player would have an identical 40 card attraction deck, as well as an "attitude" card.  

One player would be group leader for the first part of the day (the game would be played in rounds - probably 4).  All players would draw 5 cards, and then play one face down in front of them.  The lead player would then flip their card up, designating the first attraction that the group is going on this round.  Each other player then can choose to keep their current chosen card (drawing a new card to their hand) or changing their face down card by playing another card on top of it.  Once everyone has chosen, the second player reveals their card, and so on until all players have played an attraction.

After the round, each player adjusts their "attitude" based on the cards played.  Each ride+attribute you like scores positive attitude points, while each ride you hate + negative attribute drops your attitude.  If any player's attitude drops to 0, they have a "Meltdown" and the group loses the game.

Fatigue is also a factor in the game.  Stand in too many long lines, or make too many criss-crosses around the park to get to rides, and your group is going to be too tired to go on, and you will leave early before the fireworks (making it to the fireworks wins the group the game).

There is more on my mind, but I think those things may begin to work themselves out as I actually design the cards.  

I appreciate feedback, and promise to start giving more out as time permits.



I've finally hit the brainstorming part of this adventure.  I thought I'd share a little bit about the ideas I've had so far.  And sorry that it's over 3 ideas still, I'm just kind of doing a brain dump right now.  Hope to focus this more in the next few days. I apologize in advance for the wordiness.

Mechanics Brainstorming: 

Simultaneous card playing.  I like the sort of "Calculated chaos" of simultaneous play quite a bit.  I'm thinking 6 Nimmt! and the second half of For Sale as inspiration.  My main thought has been a cooperative game where cards are played at the same time, and players have to react somehow to the results.

Knizia Poker Variant - I own a book, written by Reiner Knizia where he outlines rules for 20-30 games playable using poker hands in various ways.  One of my favorites was a game called "San Francisco" where each player has his / her own deck, and draws cards to try to make the best hand possible.  You play 6 rounds, and ponts go up as you get fewer cards in your deck. There's a lot of push-your-luck in this game, and I think it's a blast as is.  I'd like to see if there's a next step to push the game.

Thematic brainstorming:

"Create a bad movie Game" - Somewhere between Z-Man Games B-Movie games, Blood and Cardstock's "Showbiz Shuffle", and Out of the Box's "Snake Oil."  Combine washed up actors, 2 or 3 implausible plot points, invent a title - and see if Syfy will buy it.   Might be too crowded a field already.

"Baseball Trade Deadline" - I thought of this one while watching Moneyball recently.  This could be a party style game, with the more players the merrier.  Half the players are general managers in the playoff race, the other half are the bottom scrapers.  This would be a real time trading game (kind of like Pit) where half the players are trying to win the World Series this year, while the others are trying to set themselves up for the next round (where the roles of some of the teams would reverse).

Finally, "A Day at the Magic Kingdom" - Yes, I'm a Disney guy.  This idea was born out of the two Disney board games I own, which are both roll and move games where you are trying to get to specific rides, and then get back to the start space first.  This would be a team game, but with the twist that each player also has a certain goal they want to reach during the day.  

I almost see this as an Apples to Apples type game, with players taking turns choosing the next ride, and the other players playing cards with suggestions.  Each player would also have a "Happiness" meter card.  If they became "Cranky" then they could start whining, and affecting the plays of other players.  If they didn't eventually get their way, then they go into full on "Meltdown" which would cause the family to leave the park early.  The goal of the game would be to stay until the fireworks at the end of the day.

Feedback is welcome.  I have some idea the direction I'm likely to take, but I'm open to nudges.  


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