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Tetes D.

Focus on the Process, Stop Worrying the Result.



A Day, With Me.

Tuesday July 8th 2014

It took quite sometimes for me to narrow down my  list, of what I do every day into 20 activities that truly define my day. Mine, always change. So today, I tried to make sense those numbers, then come up with this:


Wednesday July 8-9th 2014

I started to draw some sketches, took lots of pictures. My inspiration was my own life and maybe I think of  some funny ideas represent them. My challenges this time was: Simplicity. How can I narrow a story into line and dot.


Saturday July 12th 2014

Slow progress, I am looking for the best workflow to me. So I decided to separate the body part into some sections: 

I am struggling to find the simplest form, still. By separating the element I can work faster by combining them. I promise myself to finish all, by tomorrow noon.

Sunday July 20th 2014

I didn't feeling well, but I am better now. So here are the result so far:

Inverted color on photoshop:

I'll continue more tomorrow.

Sunday July 20th 2014

I made some changes. I asked around (friends etc), they did not understand some of the symbols. 

Monday July 21th 2014

I love this class. The only complain I had? This class takes so much attention of detail and my time, Otherwise, it was fun. It teaches me to make fast and simple decision. And, these are the result:


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