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A Day With Dad

There we were in the middle of the ocean. Seeing nothing but water on all four sides of our little fishing boat made me a little nervous. Nothing but the dark blue ocean with small white caps surrounded our vessel. There was strange mix of people on board. Two young guys drinking heavily, an older attractive lady who didn’t look like the fishing type, the captain and his mate. My father and I added to the mix.

As the heat from the sun beat down on my nose and shoulders I could smell the salty air. Fishing wasn’t my first love but hanging out with my dad was. Seeing him smiling and laughing and pulling in one fish after another. Nothing could be better.

The Cape was beautiful this time of year. The orange, red, and gold trees were gorgeous. I’m sure there were better ways to spend a day but at this moment I certainly couldn’t think what that might be. As we stood there riding the waves, I couldn’t help wonder about the lives of the people on board. The older lady with a New England accent had been conversing with us but not too much. That would be rude and this lady had never been rude a day in her life. And what were the two drunks doing? Were they college buddies getting together one last time before one goes off to get married? Wall Street brokers who needed a day to de-stress? The captain had once been a handsome man but the sun, cigarettes and hard work had left him looking a little weathered.

I was jarred back to reality when the small red boat bumped against the dock. The trip seemed to be over before it began. The gulls were no longer following our boat making the loud squawking sounds they are known for.

As far as catching fish, well you know what they say about fish stories?


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