A Day In The Life / NYC / June 2013 | Skillshare Projects

Lisa Aurigemma

Assistant Art Director



A Day In The Life / NYC / June 2013

A day of work and play in New York City.

My sketches so far, with notes. I'm still working out exactly what stylistic direction to take, so this is still still fairly illustrative, rather than icon-ized.

Larger views of some of these vignettes:

The core issue that half of my day is spent looking at screens of one kind or another, whether it's to design a magazine layout or to read my twitter. The screens themselves are not terribly interesting, nor are illustrations of me sitting in front of them — I would like to express the content of what's on those screens.

Following that, how on earth to express the design process in a single icon?

I'd like to avoid figures as much as possible; the objects seem more iconic and relatable than pictures of a person doing things. In some instances it seems inevitable to have to include people (like with the goodbye kiss), but it seems like maybe a zoomed-in vignette will still fit with my overall goals.

Time to tackle those sketches for afternoon and evening.


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