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Edward Escobar




A Day At the Dam

i been a big fan on Van for a while i have to say that he is one of my role models when it comes to shooting. so when i found out about this shoot he did i had to do the same since i literly live five minutes from this amazing location. it was a gloomy day which was perfect i wanted to try and see what i can come up with. with out using van's style but more of its technique so had the model look at the video and let her pick her outfits once in location my vision was to use the dam in a different way the Van did even when i had to look back on what he said and took some shot almost trying to recreat his pictures to compare to see at what level i was. i used my nikon d5200 with my nikkor 50mm 1.4 and used a external flash to make the images pop a little more and a reflector i went a different route but the results where amazing at least thats what i think. my jorney has just started and im not willing to give up i wanna end at the top one day and maybe shoot with some of the great photographer outther and one been van its a learning process specially learning as i go with videos and forums but everyone starts some where thanks in advance to skillshare commutity for any comments, advice, cretiques, tips, you guys have. my instagram is edwarde21 my hastag is #twentyonephotography thank you again







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