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A Dark Apartment that Needs Some Pop


My apartment is a great 3 bedroom, but it has a tendency to go very dark.  The walls are an institutional peach, my guess the cheapest flat paint they could get to keep costs low. So, I painted the living room walls in Benjamin Moore's Cement Grey to lighten and cool things off.  Unfortunately, the sofa we have fit better in our 1800sq ft. home than it does in a our apartment.  The dark chocolate color and size makes the place feel a bit smaller and darker.  We plan on moving out in about 6 months and into a new home, but I want to make some small, cheap changes that will lighten and brigten the place up for these last few months.  I often get into design paralysis, and my biggest obstacle has been introducing color into the space.  As a result, I gravitate towards neutrals in an effort to purchase "safe" items, and ultimately my space suffers.  ANY suggestions, especially for colors that would work with our sofa, are GREATLY appreciated. :)



A mid-century modern piece that was my grandmother's, then my mother's, and now mine. It's a bit piece, I know. And paired with the sofa is a bit overwhelming, but this gem isn't going anywhere.  I'd sooner get rid of the couch than this puppy. 


She's a big sectional, and we usually don't have the piece on the right in the living room. However, company over the holidays means more seating that suits snuggling and movie marathons. Her size and color seem to overwhelm and darken the space, so I'd like to find ways to brighten the area.


Our need for this console is at the forefront - music.  But, it could definitely use more styling.  Very little sunlight hits this part of the apartment, and the dark color adds to that darkness.


This is in my office - function over styling for the time being. But, I would love for the style to be more of a focus, which might make working in here a bit more fun. :)


This poor room is lackluster and devoid of passion.  I want to figure out how to add color into this space, as well as some bling. I'm currently working on bedside tables, as my chair...well, ugh...it's sad.

8 Interior Design Principles:

I love the feel of the room in this image. There's a very classic feel that's broken up with some very modern, chic, and pop art images.  It feels like a modern take on a classic look, and I'd love to find a way to bring my own home more in line with this sort of styling. 

1. Needs - the coffee table, the blanket, and the trunk (my guess is for storage) are all needs within this space.

2. Pattern - patterns can be found in the rug, the sofa (how yummy IS that sofa?!), the floral pillows, the striped chair to the left, and even the frame on the wall in the back left. Come to think of it, there's also a pattern in the structure of the chair in the back left. And although it's not really a pattern, the Beatles pillow adds some life to the couch, and I want it.  What an awesome addition!

3. Texture - The crocodile pattern on the brown leather box is to die for. And somehow, it works amongst all the cooler tones, as including all that black!

4. Color - The pops of color in this are what really make me happy, especially since I struggle with this all the time.  There are pops of pink and magenta in the flowers, the pillow, and the magazines on the table.  The rug throws in the navy blue, which also ties in with the patterned pillow on the sofa, and then the blanket also accents with a lighter blue.  Warm tones calm the room with the brown crocodile box on the coffee table, the chairs in the back, as well as the sculpture in the back left.

5.  Bling - Although minute, the bling is there.  It looks as though the sculpture on the glass or lucite table in the back is metallic.  Additionally, the black lamp and the coffee table have high glosses that adds some shine. 

6. Botanicals - The bright pink flowers in the white vase add so much pop to this room!

7. Shape - The sculpture in the back, vase, backs of the chairs, and the bowl on the table in back give some curves to an otherwise angular room. 

8. Placement - The items on table in the back are grouped in small collections to bring visual interest to the area, as well as to compliment, rather than overshadow, the large painting.  Additionally, the frames on the back wall, chair, and sculpture are placed in such a way to create their own area while still remaining integrated with the larger space as a whole.


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