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A Daily Dose of Pretty

If life is about the pretty little things, I want to be a racontuer of pretty. Telling pretty stories to bring moments of joy and happiness to others is my goal. Audrey Hepburn personifies this desire to bring pretty to others, as she spent her life achieving that very purpose.

The Story:

You can work for years in Hollywood, getting your foot into the door, working your way up the ladder and never achieve the lofty goals you set for yourself as a starry-eyed kid. Start as an assistant, hitch your wagon to the right star, producer, writer, director and someday you might get your name on the opening credits of a film or TV show. 

That's the old way of doing business. Now, anyone with a dose of creativity and a whole bunch of determination can make their vision come to life. After a long time spent developing projects for the normal entertainment pipeline, I've decided to start a small curated blog (theprettychannel.com) that gives people a daily dose of pretty. I plan on starting with a daily video that I or other creative professionals have chosen for the site. Every video will be "pretty" in one way or another. From dreamy music videos to big screen love scenes, each video will give The Pretty Channel followers a break for a few minutes a day. 

The Pretty Channel has been inspired for my love of all things pretty. There are millions of people out there who share the same love. The huge success of Pinterest is the prime example of the desire to enrich, inspire and enjoy life through content. 

My ultimate goal with The Pretty Channel is to create an MCN (multi-channel network) focusing on all things bright and beautiful. I have hundreds of ideas for shows that would never work on a traditional network, but I know there is a niche audience for the content I envision. 

Since normal didn't get me to the finish line, I am taking a new, more exciting path. I can't wait to see where it leads me.


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