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A Crunchy Breakfast

In addition to never having photographed food, I've never owned an Instagram account before, so this was a new experience for me. I found this quite difficult, so I have a new found admiration for Instapeople.

Here are my snaps. Note: the kitchen and dining area I use are both not great settings for photographs - they are very cluttered and distracting, so I have cropped my photographs down to closeups/took closeup shots, focussing on texture, edges and composition within these restraints. 

A pretty unhealthy breakfast, but I sometimes treat myself to a toasted cheese and ham sandwich with a cup of tea for breakfast. The photo above has some noise going on in the top right corner, due to cropping from a larger photo, but I quite like the texture and shadow created by this.

I make my toasted sandwich in a super effective panini machine. I'm not a fan of huge amounts of cheese, but I love it when the cheese pops out and fries up to hard, crispy bits. Finding the balance between adding enough cheese to get this payoff and adding too much cheese so the sandwich ends up gloopy and (in my eyes) ruined is a troubling task. This morning I strategically added careful slithers of cheese, in fear of gloop, and received an unexpected, delicious payoff of crispy bits. The bubbling cheese in this photograph is a signal of good things to come.

After chomping away at a greasy sandwich, I'll feel a little pang of guilt at eating unhealthy food so early in the day (lets face it, it's basically pizza). Therefore the morning snack has to be a healthier option, so I turn to the only fruit in the house, an apple. I've recently taken to slicing apples. It brings back the memory of my Mum doing the same when I was a child and makes me more mindful of what I am eating. I've tried to reflect my healthier choice with a more 'natural' look in this shot.


This was an interesting project to complete and I think doing so every day would make me more mindful of my eating habits. It has opened my mind up to the possibilities of food and mobile photography, as well as how different angles, levels, lighting, crops, etc can all play a part in setting a tone/mood in this genre.

I'd appreciate any feedback regarding these shots as well as any tips on how to use the apps effectively.


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