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A Creativity Cookbook for NZ Dairy Farmers


Is in the making of new products for the dairy industry eg. the Creativity Cookbook...showcasing thirteen farming couples, their talents and their creativity as they go about their daily work on-farm.


I spent 20 years in the animal health business as a veterinarian specialising in dairy cows I 'retired' 12 years and joined a network marketing company ( Mary Kay Cosmetics) to further my sales and business skills. In 2008 I was the no.1 in NZ for sales and sharing. I became interested in the subject of conation and the creative process as a result of reading about Kathy Kolbe's work in Robert Kyosaki's book RichKid PoorKid. I know firsthand about the frustrations and loss of confidence of going against my natural way of doing. I'd like to help others find joy in their work and as a rub off effect improve dairy cow health and longevity.


There are a number of hats it could go under ..Human Interest and creativity, self actualization and dairycow animal health.

11 Essential Questions to Answer …that identify your role as a marketer

Identify your role as a marketer by answering these 11 questions:

  • What is Marketing for?

I’ll be telling stories about cows and cowboys and girls from a totally new different perspective. They will be so real, interesting and true that others will be inspired and want to be connected. The "Creativity Cookbook" is just one of the new products that will help with the communication of these stories.

  • What are we allowed to touch?

I can touch everything except Kathy Kolbe’s registered trademarks ..see www..kolbe.com including her image for the creative process. I will ask for permission to include or reference her work in my publication. I can hire Kolbe Certified Consultants when needed. Oh and touching cows during milking is not such a great idea...it upsets them, the farmers and you're likely to get covered in cows.....t!

  • What can we as marketers measure?

We can measure how many opened up an email, who clicked on a link and a bunch of other online stuff. like visits to a website. If the stories in the book are great then it will sell well and we can measure sales over time. We can also find out who bought them and where they come from. As a vet marketer I could also measure a ton of animal productivity parameters if I choose to. 

  • What can we change?

I can change the way farmers think about 'creativity'. How they approach problems or opportunities in their own unique way. There is potential for individuals to create faster and with less stress. The way they do things (like their father did perhaps) may not be their best way. Without quite knowing why it’s taking longer to achieve their goals......to feel like they are going somewhere and making a difference.Readers will relate to at least one or two of the thirteen farming couples and may make changes on farm because of the story.

  • What promise are we going to make?

I promise to showcase their creativity as individuals and as a team to the best of my ability. I promise to the women that their contribution will be remembered. I promise to the cows under their care that they will live longer productive happier lives. I promise to teach and invent new educational products for cowboys and cowgirls. So they can learn in ways that are best for them.

  • What’s the hard part?

The hard parts are bootstrapping the book project. And where to start and with whom and the co-ordinating of everything with a team so it gets done on time. A deadline could be May 31st 2015 in time to sell at the 2015 Fieldays in Hamilton. The website and the systems and communication and cashflow. How to promote the book. Having the guts to speak up and say who I am.


  • Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

I want to follow some trends eg the modern online marketing trends but also make some new ones too. It will be a fresh innovative way of vets being able to serve dairy farmers…a way that is less reliant on drug sales but based on our intrinsic talents. 

  • Where is the risk?

There is a risk to Kathy Kolbe’s brand if I don’t do this properly. I risk being thought of as weird. Customers will take this risk on too by association. There is a risk that benefits to the cows and business as a whole aren’t seen in a measurable and tangible way. I risk my time and money and energy being put into something that may not sell well. 

  • Who is in charge?

I am in charge. I don’t like meetings so that’s easy. I will put my shoes on, jump in the car or on a plane and lead by speaking with my team and handling their work.

  • Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

The money will be spent on getting expert help. And on making the books. And in the promotion of it. And on a website and in the measuring and testing. For the Infusionsoft systems. And paying someone to package and send off the books.And paying me :-)

  • How should we be spending our time?

The best way to spend my time will be in the interaction with the farming couples initially that will be featured in the "Creativity Cookbook" . Then in the telling of their story through my eyes and pulling in images, examples of creativity and working with photographers. Developing my business model to support the book. The simple writing and the promoting face to face.Building relationships with key people and organisations. 






Three brands from my youth


1.     Beaurepaires

  1. their distribution strategy : they bought high visibility drive by space in the middle of NZ towns and cities and painted buildings with the distinctive blue, orange and yellow colours.
  2. their advertising strategy : I heard about them from good old Vince Martin on regular TV adverts..With his signature “ Gidday i’m Vince Martin “ I remember him more than what he said. His cheesy smile, easy good looks and the “Gidday” bit. Oh and the fact it was always him and they just seemed to be on every day for 365 days of the year for years and years. ( actually 25 !!) Vince never seemed to age and they never changed him for a new frontman.
  3. How I feel about the brand: I feel positive I guess cos that’s where I buy my tyres! I guess the feeling that they’ve earnt it somehow or that they are trustworthy. Perhaps Vince reminds me of someone? The message was definitely consistent over the years.



2.     Chesdale Cheese


a.              I’m not sure but I imagine Chesdale Cheese was put in the best space so that it was the brand you saw first in the fridge with all the other cheeses.

b.             I heard about them on T.V . The jingle with Ches and Dale is definitely the most memorable thing about the ads oh and the last bit of it. It goes like this …Chesdale Cheese it’s finest cheddar made better!!

c.              I feel happy about the brand because that’s what the jingle made me feel like…Ches and Dale were happy dancing cartoon characters. Perhaps it reminds me of some of the Walt Disney characters eg Donald Duck and Popeye etc.


3.     Molenberg bread


a.              Not sure about the control of shelf space but maybe they were able to place it in the middle so it was easy to see and people bought it rather than some of the other brands.

b.             I heard about them on T.V . The jingle and the army boys and one girl beating them in their fitness run because she’s been eating molenberg and the boys have been dieting on greasy chips! Again it’s a catchy tune.

c.              The tune reminds me of my army platoon days and how we used to jog down the roads at Burnham. I can’t remember what we chanted but it was something similar!



Three growing brands from right now.


Trade Me

  1. Distribution strategy.

It’s an online auction site where sellers can find buyers for their things. There is no shelf space as such cos there’s no physical store or shop. Buyers who are happy with their sellers service flag them so overtime you can improve your status which helps with the next transaction

  1. Advertising strategy

I heard about them through word of mouth..my teenage boys used the site a lot to buy secondhand goods cheaply. There are no Trade Me ads on TV and I haven’t seen any banners on Youtube or Facebook. 

c.      How do I feel about the brand?

I feel positive about it..I think it’s providing a great service. I haven’t personally sold or bought anything on it but everyone seems to like it. I like the little kiwi logo.



a.     Distribution strategy

Again no shelf space. It’s a software company helping small businesses automate their customer service systems. I’m not familiar with any others so I can’t comment on how they box out the competition although I see many of their banners.

b.     Advertising strategy

I heard about them through a webinar with a productivity expert called Robyn Pearce. At the time I noticed that both Robyn and Robert Kyosaki from the RichDad company used them for email marketing so I decided to give them a go. Their ads or banners pop up in all sorts of places eg. while trying to watch a Youtube video, Google and Facebook I think.

c.      How do I feel about the brand?

Positive and negative. I appreciate the quality and power of the software and support they offer. Sometimes I’m slightly annoyed by the banners or ads that interfere with my viewing online. I felt excited and inspired during the initial webinar when one of their directors told a story about his grandparents and how they used to make Stollen. I enjoyed Sam Bennetts “Ode to the Entrepreneur’ reading at an Infusionsoft conference.



a.     Distribution strategy

RichDad has it’s own online shopping site and his books are also distributed via Amazon. Robert’s first book RichDad Poor Dad became a best seller. He was asked to speak on Oprah which certainly helped to box out the competition. So again no shelf space as such. His Cashflow 101 game was unique when it was first introduced…and still is I believe. 

b.     Advertising strategy

No ads on T.V. I’m not sure how I got to hear about the book. It wasn’t through a friend ..I think Robert came to NZ and Australia to promote his book and I picked it up one day in a book shop. I enjoy their onlineevents and I’ve invested in two lots of coaching. You are encouraged to refer friends who may be interested so that’s how the story spreads.Also through the social networks eg FB, Twitter. Robert now has is own Radio Station so that’s another form of advertising. He created an online book co-created by people who subscribed to ‘ Conspiracy of the Rich’

c.      How do I feel about the brand?

The colours are consistent …black purple and gold. His Advisors use them too in their books. Robert’s Rich Dad and Poor Dad story and his own personal journey in becoming financially free is a great read. His wife Kim is a great role model for women. They have created registered trademarks and licenses. I feel loyal to the brand and inspired to increase my own financial education. I’ve invested in two coaching courses.




  1. Emotion For people who haven’t bought yet they are creating a feeling that they are missing out on something really cool if they don’t enrol in a class. The pain of being in a fog about a problem, or stuck and not knowing how to go about it. The joy of finding a teacher, a mentor who can steer you in the right direction. For people who are loyal ..emotions come from sharing your project publically so it can be liked or critiqued..where you gain valuable feedback and can reciprocate the favour.
  2. Customers are changed because they now know something they didn’t know before and with the sharing and connecting come other benefits …you adjust and change your project based on the feedback you are given.
  3. Awareness. I found out through Seth Godin. I didn’t know it existed before that. Word of mouth. Inviting friends to do the course with you. You are encouraged to do it with a friend. You are given a credit if you recommend Skillshare to friends and they end up enrolling for a class.


  1. Emotion They work with the pain of people ‘wasting money’ paying rent, trying hard to save enough of a deposit to buy their first home but not making headway. The relief of knowing there is another option. For people who are loyal? ..you are asked to take up a challenge..apply the knowledge and contracts and share your result with others to receive a free e-book. As a member you can interact with others on a forum.
  2. Customers are changed ….tenants transform into tenant/buyers. Tired landlords have their management problems reduced. Young couples are given new hope that in spite of higher LVR’s and interest rates their dream of home ownership is alive and well.
  3. Through Googling “rent to buy”…that’s how I found out about them initially… I was doing a RichDad Real Estate Coaching Course… learning about lease options and in my research about the NZ market started looking at what was available. Dorien’s books. Facebook .Word of mouth and promotion by delighted customers and students.



  1. They are working to create kindness to other people, a feeling healthy feeling good emotion. I haven’t bought yet and reading their story makes me like them because of their philosophy. How could you not like a kind person, story , company? In those who are loyal and do random acts of kindness ..it’s recognition and pride when they are shared on the site.


  1. By giving customers so much choice they can eat snack bars that are healthy as well as taste good. Customers are changed in the act of being kind. You feel good and you just want to do it again.


  1. You get to see what sort of bars people are eating when you work and play with them.Perhaps on hiking trips, mums looking after other peoples kids. As for kind acts people will tell others or it may end up in papers. I got to find out about kind bars through Seths Skillshare class.




I'll be generous to those dairy farming couples who allowed me to work with them on their farms. And especially so to those I select to be in my book. Also to farmers who have given me permission to market to them by email.


I'll earn their attention over time through relevant, timely and practical posts or newsletters or tweets or on-farm demonstrations.


With my blend of pyschographic marketing, veterinary science and passion for cows and cow people my book will be something remarkable. I will watch if they choose to talk about it or want more copies.


I'll be telling their stories so my book will be an exercise in public relations. Specifically of the area I live in..the Eastern Bay of Plenty.


In the process of working with farmers in the creation of the book I will be getting education on my customers challenges, likes and dislikes. How they create differently on farms. Backed up by Kolbe A indexes I'll know their best way of doing as individuals and as teams.


People like us like cows and animals. They are curious and like talking to people, experimenting, being active , telling stories, creating their own money and taking risks. And like reading books about farming.




They are in the outdoor pursuits action clothing and gear slot. And in a niche where they champion social and environmental responsibility in all that they do.


Premium pricing for a premium caring company. There is a perceived value or story created through their Ambassadors , Worn Wear stories and mission to build the best products


They invest money by way of grants into grassroots environmental groups that are driving communities to protect nature.


I assume that their ambassadors would be given new products to trial. The story of the results are then spread through live updates, their blog and Wornwear.


Patagonia asks you to sign up for emails. Over time I give them my attention if I value and like what I read. You are asked to take the pledge and join them in a Common Threads partnership.


I think the whole package looks remarkable even though I’ve never bought or worn a Patagonia garment. It’s certainly worth talking about.


This comes naturally without forcing the issue. Through the amazing things their ambassadors and environmental action groups do in their various communities.


Patgonia do this so well with the stories told by their ambassadors. Also accompanying videos and books of our world which we must protect.


Even though I’ve never worn a Patagonia garment just by looking through their website I believe it will work and do what they say it will do. I guess this is the placebo effect in action.


I assume that this is done through their email communication. I’ve just signed up so I’ll know more soon.


I’ll be getting emails soon so I’ll be able to judge how frequent and consistent Patagonia is in this.



I’m really impressed with the quality of the graphics and just everything with their website. It’s an awesome place. The San Fransisco store looks great and comes with a reading area.


There are products for men, women and children. For the serious and those who just want quality action clothing. Also through Ebay you can buy and sell secondhand clothing if you prefer.


Yes people like us do like to be outside doing adventurous things, appreciating nature and protecting it. We like reading stories of other athletes and what they like about Patagonia gear. Maybe great places they have been to inspire us in our travels. Being generous to those who care and spread the word. People like us like quality products.



A simple conversation, a series of questions:


How do people find out about me?

People find out about me through friends sharing my stuff on social media. From being given one of my books. They meet me face to face at my product launches at big farming events like The Fieldays held in Hamiton every year. I have a unique company name that makes it easy for people to find me on Google. I have a referral system through Infusionsoft so that delighted customers are invited to share their friends email addresses.


What is promised to them?

My promises to them are 1.that my book will be a great read 2.that the way they think about creativity will be changed 3.that they will realise that they are creative after all in a different sense to what they have been used to 4 that they will view others contributions in a different way 5. they will be inspired to have a go or encourage others to have a go 6. that the cows will benefit from all this increased creativity.


How many interactions need to happen before they trust me enough to give it a try?

I’ll probably need mmmmm maybe 10-20 interactions before they trust me to give the book a try. It depends on the type of interaction and how long the interaction goes on for. Eg a ½ hour face to face interaction compared with a quick look at an email. Also how relevant and meaningful the interaction is for the customer at the moment


What do people tell their friends about you?

People tell their friends that I am to be trusted, that I know my stuff, that I speak their language, that I care, that I make complicated subjects easy to understand, that I am a great teacher, and of course that I love cows.


Are there network effects?

There will be network effects through building a membership, being generous to ‘ambassadors’, a family, through sharing on social media.


Is there urgency to start? Is there scarcity?

I feel an urgency to be a great student and to prepare for the global financial crash ahead. So I think others like me will be feeling the same. They are looking for ideas and innovation and new insights too. There is scarcity in the veterinary, sales, marketing, education, innovation, dairy farming niche. There are ‘James Herriot” type story books and stuffy ‘’The Diseases of the Dairy Cow in NZ” type of books but nothing in between as far as I can make out.


What does this marketing story remind the prospect of?

This marketing story reminds the prospect of a friendly wizard fairy godmother type of character scattering fairy dust over the animals and land and farmers like Mary Kay’s warm fuzzies. Maybe.


Who is it for? And who is it not for?

It’s for the adventurous, the curious, the readers, the students, those open and willing to change, animal lovers and cowboys and cowgirls, and those in agribusiness.

It’s not for city types who hate getting their hands dirty and if they do live just out of town write letters to the paper complaining about getting cow poo on their cars when they’re out driving.


How is it sold?

It’s sold online, at the fieldays, on Amazon ( dream on!) and in bookshops like whitcoulls and paperplus. Through Federated Farmers, local discussion groups, at stands at farmer and vet conferences, local service organisations like Quota and Rotary and Lions.


Does it cost more than the competition?




1 A favourite restaurant ..the Wharf Shed ..how it used to be

Areas of commonality ..things in the experience that remind me of other places.

·        Interesting pictures and memorablia on the wall ..in this case boaty stuff.

·        Close to the water

·        Servings not too big or small. Meat cooked the way I like it.

·        Small and intimate rather than a big barn of a place

·        Reminds me of an Italian restaurant in Melbourne, Roquette

2 Favourite websites


This has the same feel and simplicity and visual impact to




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