A Country Walk

A Country Walk - student project

A Country Walk - image 1 - student project


This is a scene I came across on a walk. I tried to capture what it feels like when the sunset light pours over the land, which to me, feels warm, open, and splendorous. 

I kind of liked the look of the thick lines from the original rough sketch, so I kept them in, but softened them by changing the colours from black. 

I'm not sure what other elements I could add to this. The barn also feels a little dark as the focal point, but I assumed it would be in shadows with how the light is falling. Perhaps I should consider a version with dimensions that give more sky to get a more open feeling.





Here's the final image!:

A Country Walk - image 2 - student project



Reference photo:

A Country Walk - image 3 - student project


"Art is a line around your thoughts."-GK