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A Cool Breeze On a Summer Day

I began this design and course with a mindset that I want to be a Surface Pattern Designer! I've really enjoyed all the advice that you have provided.

As for this particular design...I was thinking about the beautiful sunny weather and the lovely new life blooming all around me.

When I was looking for ideas for my color story, I was really drawn to butterflies and bouquets because of all the natural variations in color.

This was my mood board and I chose to take the butterfly grouping to pull the final colors from.

Here is my first doodle that I worked with...

Once I got in and started using the blob tool with my wacom, I personally found it easier to just draw a general idea rather than trace over my initial sketch. Probably because I was spending too long trying to get it exact ;)

From these doodles I came up with these two motifs...

I got a little out of hand picking color combos!

Since I knew my future designer name, I wanted to add a little logo to my new pattern. First I hand lettered the part I wanted to.

Then I added the rest in illustrator and TA-TA!!!

Hopefully I covered everything. I also started a blog from your recommendation and it is up and going at www.mommabydesign.com :)

Thank you so much!!!


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