A Completed day, with Backup.

A Completed day, with Backup. - student project

Having a simple reminder app is something that is very valuable, as long as it has functionality. One piece of functionality that I would like to bring to the table is adding participants to the app, like friends, that can assist you with a goal, to-do or even a project. If I could add the option to add someone to a project, then sending a simple text or a bit more detailed email to that person, it would assist in being reminded of the things that you could overlook by simply hitting "snooze." 

Adding someone to this could also have set times or dates that an email is sent to that person, requesting a followup on the title of the project. There are many different variables that can be implemented into something like this, that will be explored upon a first milestone of the development. 


  • Ability to send/include someone via email/text for either a project or to-do list.

I would like this to be a building block for the app, with full intent to integrate more functionality that will allow for not only a way to remind you of things but organize your daily life with.

So, I have some hand drawn sketches which are a bit embarassing because of how terrible at drawing I am! (lefty as well, bad combo) 

I am starting VERY simple with this one, as my focus has been on the code the majority of the time that I have been spending. I am hoping to find a decent free way to build a mock up app if possible? 

Would have a home screen, which would show a small preview or list of each open and not complete task that was created that you could swipe through. Clicking on the "+" would bring you to a screen of tiles of which you could choose your task. After choosing there with be a variety of informaiton that we can take in, including an option to add someone to this project for reminders. I am going to work more on the flow of this, but by hand I feel is going to take a bit more time. 

A Completed day, with Backup. - image 1 - student project