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A Comedy - The Third's the Charm

Most of the text in Spoon River Anthology was so dark! So I wanted to make mine a comedy.

I chose Margaret Fuller Slack's story.

Here's an excerpt:

Then John Slack, the rich druggist, wooed me,

Luring me with the promise of leisure for my novel,

And I married him, giving birth to eight children,

And had no time to write.

It was all over with me, anyway,

When I ran the needle in my hand

While washing the baby’s things,

And died from lock-jaw, and ironical death.

Hear me, ambitious souls,

Sex is the curse of life!



A new law in Spoon River prohibits a twenty-something from having her third abortion without the father present. Now she just has to figure out who the father is. 


NEWEST DRAFT HERE (updated June 26)


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