A Colorful Notebook

A Colorful Notebook - student project

Okay, I have a confession.

The idea of creating a planner felt a little overwhelming to me. I homeschool two children and run my own business, among other things. The less stuff I have to plan the better.

But there is one thing that I love to do that fits this class and project pretty well—I love to take notes. Writing things down helps me record important events, remember things (like the history class and hair appointments that I just managed to schedule at the same time—doh!), and process my thoughts and feelings so that I don’t have to waste valuable brain energy on them longer than necessary. So I decided to make some pretty pages to write on.

Since I have a comb binding machine, I pre-punched my pages to make the assembly process at the end a little easier. I also broke out the washi tape that I have had in my art supplies for aa few years now. I don’t remember what I was going to do with it initially, but it is a much better tape to use for masking parts of the page. It is less tacky than other tapes, which means it won’t tear the paper (recent lesson learned).

So here are some of the pages. I focused on shapes and areas of color, and the colors were just ones I wanted to use in the moment. I forced myself to use ONLY these colors for all the pages, and I stopped at four colors. I liked the cohesiveness of a limited palette, because I really did not plan what shapes and marks I was going to use.

A Colorful Notebook - image 1 - student projectA Colorful Notebook - image 2 - student projectA Colorful Notebook - image 3 - student projectA Colorful Notebook - image 4 - student projectA Colorful Notebook - image 5 - student project
I will probably do some more pages to finish out the notebook, because this is DEFinitely not enough for a writing notebook for myself. The rest of the book will include more of the same, experimenting with shapes and the four colors I’ve chosen. Not sure yet what I will do for the cover, but when the time comes I will figure out something that goes with the theme.

Thanks, Chris, for encouraging me to check out this class. I had not considered the idea of creating planners or notebooks with watercolor backgrounds before.

Lisa Goss

Artist & owner of Flory Avenue Designs