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A Collage A Day

Hi, I'm Tsa Meera; Upholder (6), Questioner (6), Obliger (5).

I'm a Design Lecturer cum Visual Artist from Malaysia and I've always wanted to have the right balance between teaching and having my own creative expression. Most of the time, I felt like I have to sacrifice either one to be able to do the other (which is not necessary since these 2 things can go together)!

My main interest in art for the time being lies heavily in digital photographic assemblage. I took most of my materials online (don't sue me for copyright issues now ha-ha) and cut, copy, paste them accordingly. These collages don't have to be good, it's just essential that I make them.

Currently, my Trigger is to wake up every morning, have breakfast and make a collage after I've done my social-media multitasking (checking out emails, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.). Behaviour follows as actually making a collage a day, and I'll reap the Reward of having my own satisfaction that I produced something creative for the day. 

View my previous works here.


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