A Clean and Simply Desk

A Clean and Simply Desk - student project

I wish I had taken a picture of what my desk looked beforehand but I liked how clean my desk looked. 

Since I'm working and learning from home given the Coronavirus lockdown, I need to create a space that allowed me to be productive with the minimum amount of distractions. 

Earlier, my desk just served as a place to store anything and everything in my room as I'd spend most of my time at a coffee shop or on campus to work and study. 

I didn't get rid of most of my junk but instead choose to either donate some old school supplies and found other spaces at home to relocate them. 

My desk used to be full of random cables, most of which were not working or were for devices I no longer used them. I also did my best to try and hide the cables I used behind the monitor on my desk. 

I didn't have a monitor stand at home and created a makeshift one using old yearbooks. 

Besides random junk that I no longer used, most of the things I had on my desk served a purpose though I followed the 80-20 principle to organize my desk where 20% of what I had brought about 80% of the utility I needed.