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Kaitlyn Trigger

Marketing & User Experience Strategist



A Clean Tropical Work Space - The Eight Essentials

Needs: Someone needs to sit at this desk with enough light for writing, reading, or typing. The lamp does a good job of providing light, though the chair doesn't look comfortable enough to sit for very long. Maybe this person is trying to work less! So maybe they need an uncomfortable chair to remind them to get outside and enjoy the day.

Shape: The round bulb of the lamp contrasts nicely with the very sparse, rectangular lines of the desk and pictures leaning against the wall.

Color: Greens and pinks work well together to create a modern tropical vibe.

Pattern: The chair really stands out as the biggest pattern, but it complements the horizontal spine of the blue book and the pink watercolor picture.

Texture: The spiky plant contrasts with the very smooth desk and flat pictures/books to create nice visual interest.

Placement: The books here form a miniature tower that collects them in a fun, organized way.

Bling: The geode bookends provide a little sparkle without calling too much attention to themselves.

Botanicals: The plants lend to the tropical vibe, and make the space feel authentic rather than cheesy.


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