A Classic day time look

A Classic day time look - student project

A Classic day time look - image 1 - student project

This is my sister Carol wakeing  up from a long night of partying hard. She works on sundays afternoon so I decided to create light yet glamourous makeup for her. She works in classical music concerts all day  so she must be looking as if she had this great night of sleep. 

As you can see, she has some puffines in the eye area, and the nose are is red, she has some parts of her face darker than others and her lips are a bit swollen.

First I put some MUFE High definition primer to correct the uneven colors and bring some sheer into her face. After I applied a light coverage foundation, then corrected her puffines with an anti puffines concealer.  

Her eyebrows have some flaws due to excessive hair removal, She is trying not to poke it while its growing so I applied some concealer on the growing hair and fixed the flaws with some corrector cream.   

I think my sister has beautiful hazelnut eyes, so I decide to enhance that. First I applied a taupe color than in the corner of the eye one shimmer bronze liquid shadow and last on the other side a brownish shadow. 

Last I applied a brown eyeliner to open her eyes on the botton, a black eyeliner on the botton of the lashes e and some bronwish mascara. To bring some colors to her lips we applied a nude to pinkish lipstick! 

A Classic day time look - image 2 - student project

This is Carol after all. It seems a long process but it only took 10 minutes!!! It was easy, fast and the result was a classy look.

A Classic day time look - image 3 - student project