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A City Project in the Forest

So this was a fairly difficult project for me at first.  I pretty much live in a forest in the Pacific Northwest, which may make you think that it shouldn't create any difficulties at all, but when it comes to creating things such as complimentary colors when everything is either green or brown, or trying to find a vanishing point among a mix of organically planted trees with criss-crossing branches and meandering paths, or showcasing light when it's a cloudy day and there's no artificial light to be seen, you can kind of understand why things might be a bit difficult.

Don't get me wrong- I love living in a rainforest, far away from the city lights, but it didn't make this project a simple one. 

So I tried to do this project on a cloudy day.

Couldn't showcase the light.

And then I tried to do this project on a sunny day  when I was doing promo photos for my brand. 

Much better results (although I didn't really get a vanishing point.... haha). 

So here is my project, with yoga in the forest and on a mountain in the forest :)



Showcasing Light


Complimentary Colors


Vanishing Points (As close as I got in this photo session... the vanishing points in this photo would be behind my model as the river goes upward, but it's clearly not the focal point of the photo, so not the best example).


Vanishing Point (done properly from another day)



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