Eliezer Martinez

Strategy / Art Direction / Photography



A Chilly Day in Greenwich Village

With the dull winter sky and temperatures dropping, I wanted to capture the changing season from a more inviting angle. My friend Sierra was glad to help—fortunately, she has great style too and provided the textured layers I had in mind. I wanted to capture the golden hour glow, but the natural light let us shoot some variety aside from backlit shots. 

Probably the biggest takeaway from this test shoot was more preproduction. With the weather, it would have been smoother to map coffee shops in the area for breaks to warm up between sites. Also, having a shot list would have saved time. Since she's not a model and I'm just starting out, there was some struggle in playing with some posing tips from memory foolishly.










I plan to dive into fashion and lifestyle photography with natural light more, so feel free to follow along on my Instagram or portfolio. And if you're in NYC don't hesitate to give me a shout as I love to connect and collab with fellow creatives—cheers!


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