A "Cents" of What Hurricanes Cost

A "Cents" of What Hurricanes Cost - student project

A "Cents" of What Hurricanes Cost - image 1 - student projectA "Cents" of What Hurricanes Cost - image 2 - student project

1/25 update: This is my latest version given the recent feedback. I moved the series of hurricane sketches and the corresponding dates (grouped by decade) to the bottom, and the map to the middle. I also included a brief summary of what the infographic is aiming to illustrate. I realize the copy needs some work but that's a rough summary. I wasn't sure of the source of the data so am wondering where the hurricane data came from? I couldn't find it anywhere under the given links but could've overlooked this. 

I think the main thing I'd like to address next with this infographic is that some of the states are represented by more than one color. I'm stumped here. If I were to do this in Illustrator, I'm not sure how I would convey multiple colors within one state? Or even here, as a sketch, the colors seem to blend together creating one unidentifiable hue. Also, I need to scale the size of the hurricanes better in relation to the monetary damage of that particular decade. 

1/22 update: The dollar values on the graphic are in millions, which I forgot to label

1/21 update: I decided to use data set 3 (monetary damage of hurricanes) and data set 2 (intensity information for hurricanes). For data set 3, I grouped the monetary damage into decades and looked at it from this perspective, and for data set 2, I went through the list starting at number 1 and matched the most intense hurricanes to a decade. Obvious this is a bit flawed since I only wanted one hurricane/decade and the data set accounts for more than one intense hurricane occuring in a decade. I'm not sure how to modify this as I wanted the map to reflect the states with the more colors were the areas affected by more than one intense hurricane. 

I couldn't upload an image of my project so here is the Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9525ajn0ye3qfd/Hurricane%20Infographic_I.jpg

1/14: I will use data set 3 and look at the monetary damage of hurricanes between 1900-2010. I'll group the dollar damage amount by decade, instead of looking at each year individually and focus on 10 year sets. I may also look at the number of deaths using this same 10 year range and see how this relates to the amount of monetary damage for that particular decade. Graphic-wise, I am still determining how this will be best represented.