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Luke O'Brien

Laughing and learning...



A Cautionary Radical

Radical Typography ey. 

Really enjoying this class. I have been mark making and just playing with things without to much thought on anything really just letting my self make. Will post my initial marks and bits up here.


I have got loads of stuff from my late father (died in '99 from cancer) which I never really knew what to do with so I had a look through it all for inspiration, I didn't really know him that well so it's always nice to get the stuff out. The handwriting and type is great, all the stuff is from his trip to the Antartic in the mid 70's. He stayed out there for 2 years as an egineer fixing up the boilers and anything else that broke out there. I also found hidden in his stuff a picture of me with some hand writing on it which I can only assume was my brothers. It's great.

First Marks

So here are my first step into all this mark making things. Doing just like JV says and trying to be free. If I had to be critical of my self at this stage I would say that I still don't feel comfortable making marks, I don't feel comfortable taking something to the wrongest outcome or making the most imperfect mark I can. But I will keep trying. 


I have stopped being a lazy twat and done a little bit of an idea for a poster. JV inspired me to do something good for others so I am starting a graphic design society called The Listmakers in 2015.

I have always struggled with money in my personal life and espcially at this time of year. I never really got my head around it. At art collge they tried to teach us a bit about it but it was nothing practical. Unfortunately you learn most of your lessons about money by loosing it. I don't care enough about having money which I guess is my downfall. So I thought I could so something around that for my first attempt!


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