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A Cabin in a Forest

I've been waiting for a good graph editor course so I was really happy to see this.

I have some AE experience but theres lots of room to improve.

I decided that my building would be a cabin in a forest because I really enjoy making things inspired by the outdoors and little wooden cabins are always fun to draw.

This is the image I used for a reference.

First outline of the cabin.

I decided I didn't want to use traditional outdoor colours so went for this combination.

I added some background features to make it more interesting and more challenging when animating it. [the trees were fun!]

A screen shot of my project layout. Definitely wise to keep it under control.

I did some quick tests with the graph editor before starting...

and this is my final build out. I added some texture to the mountains and trees to give it a more outdoor/wintery feel. I'm feeling good with the finished piece. 

Thank you Jake for a (very) useful and easy to follow course. 


[Update to project]

I've changed the timings round so that the door and window animate on before the wooden pannels (thanks for the feedback Fernando). Happy with how it looks now :)


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