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Hi! Thanks for checking out our project.

 Have you ever had the pleasure of installing a window Air Conditioner Unit (sike) yeah right pleaere more like a nightmare…

Then you know how difficult it is, every year it’s the same struggle to install it in the window only to now worry,  if it will fall out the window causing damage or if you live in an apartment building it falling out and hurting someone.   NOW THERE IS A BETTER WAY !!!!

Introducing the: AC Kool Tray.

The safe, simple, easy way to install your window air conditioning unit.

The AC Kool Tray was born out of necessity, after watching my neighbors father struggle to install a rather large AC unit then brace it up, I thought there gotta be a better was.

This was the initial wood brace, 

I though on it and  thought on it, and as my dad use to say “sleep on it and it will come to you” and it certainly did after some sketching this is what I came up with;

The quality of the Kool A/C tray will be scrutinized very carefully and produced in the same  maticulas way fine surgical tools are produced for the delicate work they must perform, the AC Kool Tray also has that responsibility.

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So here is where you come in. Final design and manufacturing this products is what we truly want to do to help as many people as we can.   But funding, manufacturing and distributing a new product is a whole other story. 

Our Goal - Our wish is to release The AC Kool Tray™ to market and  bring this innovative product for everyone to enjoy. We're so excited about this process of making and designing products and we want to share it.

Not only do we want to offer you a great product, but we also want you to join us in writing the next chapter of our story. We hope that others are inspired by us just as we have been by the multitude of creative projects we have seen on this site. 

With your help we would love to make our idea a reality and get them out to as many homes as possible.  Imagine not worrying about being hit by a falling A/C unit.


  Kickstarter I need your help to bring this to production and help solve that nagging

dangerous task. 


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