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A Bull in a China Shop

You don't know what to draw? Draw an idiom! Idioms are an endless source of inspiration. Mikey, thank you so much for sharing your experience!

I like working with random generator. It's like working with new people - never know what is going to happen. So I opened a number generator and a dictionary of idioms, generated a page number and made a list of idioms:

to paddle one's own canoe = to be independent

a (safe) pair of hands =  someone who you can trust to do an important job well without making mistakes

to be happy as a sandboy = to be extremely happy

to set the record straight = to put right a mistake or misunderstanding

a bull in a china shop = clumsily destructive

When I saw the last idiom I came up to the idea of a final illustration immediately. That was really strange! So I didn't made sketches for other idioms, sorry for that. 

This is my moodboard on Pinterest:


And this is the refined sketch: 


I' really sorry for my bad English, it nearly made me miss one important thing: there're two different words: "China" is a country and "china" means porcelain. So I have China china in my illustration :) 

Next step - texturing. It's completely impossible to find a blender pen in my town! I took a cotton swab and some medical alcohol to texturize... It was so exciting that I've gone too far. My illustration is soooo grungy, oh...  



I've chosen another way - my illustration and some vector grunge textures. 

So.. That's it!


Thank you all  for reading this and sorry for my bad-bad English!


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