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A Brutal Romance



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Step 1: Selecting Your Text. 

I’m interested with the poem Henry Tripp from Spoon River Anthology because of the ironic Romanticism layer weaved through it. 


Objectively, what happens in the poem is quite brutal and unforgiving. A man who loses all of his money makes the decision to abandon his family and town is only stopped by the sight of two old familiar men fighting near the train. He misses the train and likely returns back to his life to face the music. 

I'm interested in exploring the romance in a situation like this that may seem so unromantic. It reminds me of the play A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, in that it's quite brutal in its situation but layered with a romantic tone. 

The poem seems to be about finding and embracing the beauty in the Fight of the lives we live. Fighting for our family or Town or our own lives. 


  *************    Update ***********************    4/25/14

Just landed a new job in Brooklyn at a Cool Media Company as a Production Asst. So my time is limited.

I've decided to write two versions of this script from the prospective of 2 different types of men. 


 The 1st of a Good Guy who "Breaks Bad." Sort of like an honest accountant or Banker type.    Definitely a "Type A" Personality. 

So this version will focus more on the crippling aspects of a man who breaks down to the point of leaving his life behind. Perhaps prior to the film, the one time he does gamble in his life he happens to lose all of his life savings in what was to be a "sure bet." ...

Very Walter White,  inspired I suppose. 



The 2nd one - I'm excited for -will follow the contrast. 

A member of the local Mob, who after also losing his life savings, has had enough of the crime life and makes up his mind to leave his Mafia family and town (Spoon River) for greener pastures. I'll reveal in a scene that he has a talented gift of Drawing. And I will elude that he'll miss a train heading to New York - perhaps where a proper career in Marketing is calling for him.


So I'll have a near "Breaking Bad" Script and a near "Breaking Good" Script.

Both tragic short tales in their own rights.

Wish me good luck.    1st Drafts of scripts to come very soon.




So I decided to write one script from the prespective of a "Member of the local mob." Or at least a guy who lives on the Edgier side of Spoon River. 

Here's My Initial Draft 

One or Two more to come in the future. Any general comments or ideas of where I can go from here would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for Reading! 



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