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A Brand Apart

As part of the Workshop:
Going Freelance September 4th - September 18th, 2018

  • Intro to your work (social media links, etc.)

    A Brand Apart Design ( is my branding work, specifically logos, promotional items, identity suites, packaging design for various startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.
    I also have links to my Behance profile and Instagram ( to show my work in a different medium where I might catch the eyes of people not currently looking around on Behance.
    Links to my other sites are also listed on the WORK page of my website so people can see my other creative endeavours that aren't necessarily related to A Brand Apart.

  • Personal mission
    - To create designs that are inspired by a range of sources (including my background with print techniques such as letterpress and screen printing)
    - To strive for sustainable, eco-friendly print methods
    - To think outside the box
    - To get my hands dirty, and let them call my crazy
    - To align myself with extraordinary and be willing to fail in order to succeed
    - To never be satisfied with the first idea

  • Favorite piece of work
    I think my favourite piece of work is a poster design I did for a kickboxing studio. I came up with the slogan, the concept, took the photograph, edited it all and designed the final copy which was used for window-sized posters as well as a billboard in Toronto. I posted my process on my instagram
  • Notes on who you'd like to collaborate with:
    I would love-love-love to work with Wedge & Lever. I love absolutely everything they do.

 And here is my new Working Not Working portfolio:


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