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A Brand Apart

After working in freelance design and branding on the side of my full time work, I decided to start a portfolio in an effort to both promote myself and my designs while also looking to bring in new work in areas I was interested in pursuing.

I purchased the domain for my company: A Brand Apart ( and put up a static page with links to my Behance profile and letterpress stationery company while I work on building my site to showcase these in my own style.

I also just started an instagram account for A Brand Apart ( to show my work in a different medium where I might catch the eyes of people not currently looking around on Behance or other areas where my work might be seen.

I'm hoping to be able to start building my site and design business cards for myself that I can start passing out at various events or when people ask how to connect with me, and to have a portfolio site I'm proud to have on my resume when applying for various jobs. Those would be the next steps, I think.

I posted these in a different class on branding but think they still hold true:

- To create niche packaging design and promotional materials that focuses on being functional, clean and trendsetting.

- With a background in various print techniques, (such as letterpress, screen printing, digital and heat press), I aim to incorporate these specialties in my designs to produce packaging and print work that is a bit outside of the box. Clients interested in working with me and employing my services would be willing to invest in something a bit more complicated, but with results that would set them apart.

- Explore / Dig / Experiment / Push the Envelope / Get your Hands Dirty / Let Them Call You Crazy / Align Youself with Extraordinary / Be Willing to Fail in Order to Succeed / Don't Be Satisfied With the First Idea /

Any feedback on what I've done so far would be great!


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