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Originally starting out studying Forensic Psychology in university, I did a 180 and went into traditional animation instead. Over the years I ended up becoming more interested in the intricacies of package design and promotional design which is what I do now in a freelance capacity.

I decided to start my own marketing studio - A Brand Apart Design Co. - where I design, print and source packaging options and create fun marketing and promotional products for them. Right now I just have a Behance portfolio that I've been building as a way to house all my past projects until I can set up my site.

While working in animation, I had the opportunity to do storyboarding for a while. The process of going from text to visuals and communicating what is written into a clear, understandable animated scene is difficult, challenging and highly rewarding. I find the process of creating marketing and promotional designs to be very similar. You must understand what it is you're trying to communicate at its very core, know who you're marketing to, then take that and transalte it in a way that is understandable, enjoyable and accepted by your target demographic in an aesthetic that is both appealing and trustworthy.

With this course I hope to be able to form a concrete mission and brand position to further explain what sets me apart from the competition, and why I would be worth choosing over another larger company. Because I'm very small, my reach is not as widespread, but I feel that also gives me an advantage in that I'm able to spend quality time really delving into the compaines I'm designing for, and forming a cohesive, beautiful product that both they and I can be proud of.

- To create niche packaging design and promotional materials that focuses on being functional, clean and trendsetting.

- With a background in various print techniques, (such as letterpress, screen printing, digital and heat press), I aim to incorporate these specialties in my designs to produce packaging and print work that is a bit outside of the box. Clients interested in working with me and employing my services would be willing to invest in something a bit more complicated, but with results that would set them apart.

- Explore / Dig / Experiment / Push the Envelope / Get your Hands Dirty / Let Them Call You Crazy / Align Youself with Extraordinary / Be Willing to Fail in Order to Succeed / Don't Be Satisfied With the First Idea /


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