A Box of Chocolates


The sketching has commenced.

I really enjoy looking at those super high fashion hat boxes that I've never seen in real life. I prefer a simple yet high end packaging so a black hat box with gold accents and a pop of blush pink inside would be cool. 

I'm doing my best to focus on the construction and unveiling of the product without thinking about the branding, graphics etc. 

I love the idea of unveiling the chocolates as if they were tucked away inside of a flower. Chocolates tend to be fragrant so it could be a chocolate smelling flower box. Who doesn't love flowers and chocolates together?

My last sketch on the first page has a bunch of pull out drawers filled with chocolates under a full lid.


X&O Chocolate Boxes Sketch

I went to bed after sketching these ideas and an idea popped into my head. What about a duo chocolate box in the shape of X and O? My next sketches have me trying to figure out the best way to lay the chocolates in an unconventional shape of the X and the donut shape of the O.


Individual mini hat boxes inside the "X"?


Big thanks to Evelio for posting this class. Made me realize how much I love pretty packaging.


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