A Box of Affirmations

A Box of Affirmations - student project

Thank you Anne for this wonderful class! I think I had a break through. I kept wanting to do affirmations (like incantations) during my morning routine, sort of like visualization of positive things, and statements. I had no idea how to implement it, so I have not done it yet.

Now, your class inspired me to make an 'Affirmations' card deck, so I can draw one in the morning - no thinking required there ;-) - and just repeat the phrase a few times. We will see if the affirmation-visualization practice works, but at least for now I have a tool! 

A Box of Affirmations - image 1 - student project

For the container, I re-purposed a little box I have had for a few decades (seriously, since I was a little girl, I think it was a gift with cute little soaps at the time!) and made the cards to size. 

You can see the colorful backs of the cards, I used red, blue, green, yellow, black and white acrylics and then splattered golden liquid acrylics on top. Splattering is fun! 

A Box of Affirmations - image 2 - student project

Here is my journal where I first gathered all the affirmations (this is about half of it) that I had written over the past year (or two?).

A Box of Affirmations - image 3 - student project



Claude C
Acrylics and watercolor artist